October 1, 2018

The website is finally up, not finished but up. Still waiting on the official logo and need to write more content. On the positive side the system for OilTek is operational in the test area and has been in continuous operation for several weeks.

November 24, 2020

The lack of website update is due to the effort that has gone into developing new systems and deploying the OilTek tank monitoring system to the field. Not enough time in the days to do everything and the customers’ needs come first.

After completing its development test run, the OilTek tank monitoring system was installed in producing wells mid 2019. Initial installation was one unit and then quickly expanded to three. The original schedule had over 100 units in the field by this time but COVID-19 happened and the oil field shut down. Any additional installations have been put on hold until further notice.

The same thing has happened to all of our other customers. Projects and jobs have been shut down forcing them to cancel the contracts with us. We expect business to ramp back up after the fear mongering stops and people are finally allowed to return to their lives.

As a nation we need to face this pandemic with less fear and more determination. We need to find a sustainable way to get back to work and allow all business to operate. The current method of hiding and hoping it goes away is not a winnable strategy. The longer we stay hidden the worse the economy becomes. Even the government will stop functioning due to a lack of funds (no business, no taxes).